Master Planning

Science & Technology Creative Corridor Little Rock Study

The City of Little Rock is actively developing the downtown / Main Street Corridor. By working with various developers on specific projects and project sites the city is managing a major influx of business and housing opportunities for downtown. WD&D has been working with stake holders to encourage development, maintain the historic character of the street scape and the historic structures that make Main Street a destination for the greater Central Arkansas area. Key to encouraging development has been the identification of land use for the surrounding area. Parking is limited and the intermixing of a variety of housing types have played critical roles in development. WD&D has also worked with owners on historic structures in the pursuit of tax incentives. This study was key in leading to WD&D’s involvement with StudioMAIN’s study that help bring the Tech Park to Main Street. Ultimately WD&D was selected to design the master plan and phase one of the Tech Park.

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